Delivery delays because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic effects, the airlines have reduced the number of flights to Yonaguni, which has led to the delay in mail delivery. Currently, the mail takes about a week to arrive at Yonaguni. And even a little longer depending on the area and delivery status.

(Usually, the airmail changes to surface mail)

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Hagoe 43degrees 600ml
Nigori Awamori Kaiha 25degrees
Choumeisou / Choumeisou Vinegar

Ryukyu Awamori and Hanasake, the traditional handmade products of Sakimoto Sake Distillery, the westernmost distillery in Japan

Currently (2009), there are three distilleries on Yonaguni Island, and the oldest is Sakimoto Sake Distillery. In 1945, 17 people whose main occupation was agriculture invested in a joint distillery. However, on Yonaguni Island, agriculture is the main occupation, and sake distilling is a side business. Only four investors remained by the 1965s.

If nothing was done, the distilling could collapse, and the island’s hanasake culture could have disappeared. In 1971 Hajime Sakimoto decided to take up the task and established the independent Sakimoto distillery. In April 2006, Sakimoto built a new sake factory near the top of Tindahanata. It now uses an old-fashioned pot still that passes down the 600-year history of Awamori making. The handicraft methods remain in use only in this small distillery in the Yaeyama Islands. We continue to make Awamori with a small number of people who have mastered the traditional handicraft.

Emergency helicopter support seal

When you purchase Ryukyu Awamori Yonaguni sold in recycled bottles, Sakimoto Sake Distillery gives 1 yen for each bottle sold to the “Emergency Helicopter” NPO Mesh Support fund.

Awamori Product

Ryukyu Awamori
Hanazaki Yonaguni 60degrees
1800ml / 6,700yen
Ryukyu Awamori
Hanauishu 60degrees
500ml / 2,500yen
Ryukyu Awamori
Kagosui 60degrees
300ml / 1,800yen
Ryukyu Awamori
Yonaguni 43degrees
720ml / 1,800yen
Ryukyu Awamori
Yonaguni 30degrees 13years old
720ml / 2,150yen
Ryukyu Awamori
Kaiha 30degrees
1,800ml / 2,100yen

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  • 配送料金が一目で分かるサイズ制料金表